Eating out

Lunch today was at Monkey Forest, Trentham. Queue up cafeteria job. If this was Tripadvisor or similar they wouldn’t get a very good review. Food was ok but the queue to get it was ridiculous. Even a blind man could see that there was a serious bottleneck at the till and since there was a second till available why didn’t they open it? Rhetorical question.
Dinner is in two parts.
Main course at Wetherspoons – 2 meals plus 2 drinks for £15. Good value but my sausages were no better than Richmonds that you’d buy at the Supermarket. Atmosphere, cramped and drunk woman at next table was rather loud!
Dessert at Old Hall, Sandbach. Expensive but chalk and cheese compared to Wetherspoons. More than £25 but proves you do get what you pay for. Food was excellent, can’t be faulted. Nice grown up atmosphere and no drunks in sight (or earshot).