First wash of the year

No not me. The Cup!

She is due for an MOT on Thursday and then I am off to Rivington on Sunday for an AONW meet.

She really didn’t need much. Just a quick shower really. Scrubs up well though doesn’t she?

Autoglym Rubber Plus Cleaner

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Autoglym Express Wax which is exactly the same formulation as their amazing Aqua Wax product but comes in 5 litre containers and is less than half the price.

I keep meaning to mention the tyre product i use – Autoglym Rubber Plus Cleaner 5L – again sold in 5 litre containers and better (in my opinion) than Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing which itself is very good. I bought a can at Mitcar a couple of years ago and despite the number of cars we have and the frequency that they get cleaned I have still got more than half a can left. I spray it on then clean off the overspray that has gone on to the wheels with a cloth and normal shampoo. You can however paint it on if you wish and you can also use it on other rubber parts. Excellent stuff.

The results: –


Freshly cleaned after a full days driving to the highest pub in Britain – the Tan Hill Inn

Search Engine Optimisation

Using my own site as a Guinea Pig I have been experimenting today with a WordPress Plugin that is supposed to assist with search engine optimisation. An additional feature of the plugin is that it is supposed to talk to Facebook and aid the sharing of new posts.

Let’s see if it works with this random image of my GTV Cup which sadly is still at Alfie’s having its front brakes fettled.20140724-144653-53213833.jpg