Le Mans 2013 – Day 6

An uneventful return (not).

1st. Delaiche – Porsche 911. Result – +£20 (Peage Tolls paid by Gooch)
2nd. Wilmer/ Powers – Porsche 911 – +£0 (Provisional Result subject to Scrutineering)
3rd. Gooch – Alfa Romeo GTV – minus £95 (Windscreen Excess & Peage Tolls for Delaiche)
Joint 4th. Bialkowski / Eccless – Porsche 911. Result – minus 135Euros (Speeding in Pit Lane)
Joint 4th. Marmont / Elliott – Posrche 911. Result – minus 135Euros (Speeding in Pit Lane)

Did Not Finish – Bialkowski – Porsche 911

Eur 135

Le Mans 2013 – Day 4/5

Saturday and Sunday was the actual race. Bit of a result before the start when we blagged a load of free beer and a good vantage point.

We had lunch before the start in the expensive on circuit restaurant that overlooks the start / finish line. Above the restaurant is a terrace where you can get a fantastic view but it is not intended for the likes of us. Once lunch was finished we made our way up there in the lift in twos and threes.

After the race had started they opened the bar so we ordered a round of beers. On attempting to pay we were told that it was free bar until 7pm. Result.


We left the terrace at about 7pm funnily enough.



Obviously the race itself was marred by the death of Allen Simonsen. The accident occurred after only 10-15 minutes but the news didn’t get released for some hours after.

We returned to the hotel on Sunday for the usual celebration.


Stefan Bialkowski


Race photos etc to follow in due course,