Day 6 – Return Journey

Yellow hat has many uses

Le Route – A28 at Ecommoy to north of Alencon then onto RN all the way to Rouen. A150/A151 to Totes. Back roads across to Saint Saens to avoid Peage queue then onto A28/A16 to Calais.


Comfort break somewhere on the Route National north of Gace


We were all booked on the 17:15 Ferry except that for some unknown reason Peter had booked us on the 16:30 but we didn’t know that until we arrived at Calais at about 16:20. They put us onto the 17:15. Mike & Derek who were booked on the 17:15 got the 17:55 as they had a Priority Booking but Russell & Finn and Stefan & Mark were put on the one after that. Best laid plans and all that …


Day 4 – Race Start 3pm

Support Race

After watching the Support Race we ambled down to the Resturant that overlooks the Start/Finish line to find that we had been upgraded to a table right at the front where we could watch the build up to the race without moving from our table. The food was a significant upgrade on 2013 (but the same price)!