Zebra outing

I haven’t driven the Zebra much this year and her 6 months of tax is up at the end of the month so as the weather was quite nice today I thought I’d take her for a short spin.


Autoglym Rubber Plus Cleaner

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Autoglym Express Wax which is exactly the same formulation as their amazing Aqua Wax product but comes in 5 litre containers and is less than half the price.

I keep meaning to mention the tyre product i use – Autoglym Rubber Plus Cleaner 5L – again sold in 5 litre containers and better (in my opinion) than Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing which itself is very good. I bought a can at Mitcar a couple of years ago and despite the number of cars we have and the frequency that they get cleaned I have still got more than half a can left. I spray it on then clean off the overspray that has gone on to the wheels with a cloth and normal shampoo. You can however paint it on if you wish and you can also use it on other rubber parts. Excellent stuff.

The results: –


Freshly cleaned after a full days driving to the highest pub in Britain – the Tan Hill Inn