Christopher’s Wedding

Today is 3rd August 2013. Olivia’s Dad, my Son, is getting married today to Kelly.
So it’s an early start for me with a visit to the hairdressers. I arrived at 07:58 before they were due to open at 08:00. I wasn’t first in the queue! And the shop (it’s not really a hairdressers it’s a barbers shop) didn’t open until 10 past by which time there were three of us waiting.
I am waiting for my turn now.

We are going to have to leave Trooper at home today and he isn’t at all well. He was sick 3 times yesterday. One rug has gone in the bin and he is now banned from the carpeted areas which is really annoying him as he hates the wooden flooring elsewhere downstairs. We have a professional dog sitter coming in to look after him. He should be ok but this hot weather has really knocked him back.

Off to Crewe Register Office.

Chris's Wedding Chris's Wedding

A quiet pint

Avalon from our local micro brewery


Good Friday today. Not done much apart from quick clean of the cars and a trip to B&Q at Talke to get some paint to refresh the decor in our bedroom. After that little lot I felt a pint or two at the Lower Chequer was well deserved.
Baby sitting my grand daughter tomorrow then a bit of a drive out.