Nice weather for a bath

I haven’t managed to clean the Giulietta for a while but with the nice weather I thought I’d give her a bit of a bath. 

Four and a half years old and if it wasn’t for some stone chips the paintwork would be near perfect. Wheels need refurbishing though and the NSF needs straightening. Slight buckle courtesy of a Manchester City Council owned pot hole a week or two back.


First wash of the year

No not me. The Cup!

She is due for an MOT on Thursday and then I am off to Rivington on Sunday for an AONW meet.

She really didn’t need much. Just a quick shower really. Scrubs up well though doesn’t she?

Zebra outing

I haven’t driven the Zebra much this year and her 6 months of tax is up at the end of the month so as the weather was quite nice today I thought I’d take her for a short spin.