Amazon Cloud Player

Had a play around with Amazon Cloud Player today and particularly the Importer and Amazon’s “matching” claims.

The Importer is a clunky Adobe Air application and as such is likely to be difficult to use in earnest. There is no “sync” option.

The matching is pretty ropey it has to be said. I imported some mp3s as tests.
Firstly I imported David Bowie’s Man Who Sold The World album. These were 320 Kbps mp3s created from vinyl but properly tagged using mp3tag. Amazon did not match any of the tracks. Perhaps not a surprise.
I then imported 19 and 21 by Adele. In both cases 320 Kbps mp3s ripped from CD by iTunes. Amazon Cloud matched one, yes one, track from 2 albums.
You have to question just how large (small) Amazon’s mp3 UK catalogue might be. That or their matching algorithm is pants.
Shame on both counts.
The iPhone player app is rather good though.