Bryan Ferry – Boys & Girls


I recently digitised Bryan Ferry’s 1985 solo album Boys & Girls. Despite being 25 years old I found that it still sounds very fresh and fairly contemporary. It is unlike most of Ferry’s other solo stuff in that all of the tracks are self-penned and while it doesn’t feature any other Roxy Music personnel (unless you count Andy Newmark, Alan Spenner & Neil Hubbard) I have to agree with the Amazon review below and concur that it sounds very like the last Roxy album Avalon which preceded it by a couple of years. The feature track is undoubtedly Slave to Love.

Bryan Ferry - Boys & Girls
Bryan Ferry - Boys & Girls

Amazon Description

Ferry’s first solo effort since the second breakup of Roxy Music is arguably his best, in part because it continues in the direction the band had been going. It’s like AVALON, only more so.
Here, Ferry’s lounge lizard affectations are writ large; the lyrical pose is all bruised romantic fatalism(say hello, “Slave to Love”), and the music fits it like a glove. The album’s soundscapes are lush and echo-laden, and nearly every track has a discreet disco pulse; “Valentine”, the one exception, is mid-tempo reggae. Overlaid with skittish percussion and guitars, BOYS AND GIRLS is the aural equivalent of a white dinner jacket and a half-empty bottle of champagne. Buy at Amazon.

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