Diagnostics …… an update

The Zebra came back from Alfie’s on Friday but she is due back in again tomorrow. After a lot of head scratching Alfie and his team determined a problem with the fuel pump. It was working but not delivering fuel at sufficient pressure to go through the secondary high pressure pump and then to the injectors. The JTS engine is similar to a diesel in this regard. The fuel pump got changed last Thursday / Friday. Not an easy (or cheap) job as it involves dropping the car’s rear sub frame in order to access the fuel tank. She now starts and runs but is very hesitant when you give her some beans and the Engine Management light flashes for a minute or so after the hesitation. Prior to the change of fuel pump the diagnostics were nil but since we now have a flashing light on the dash we should get some sort of indicator as to what else remains wrong. Fingers crossed.

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