Internet Radio & Stuff

Over the years I have acquired quite a few Internet Radio type devices.

One of the earliest that I bought was a Freecom Musicpal – a good bit of kit but they ceased developing the platform and although it still works it is hampered by the lack of development and also its rather poor built in speaker – to get it to work properly it really needs to be hooked up to an amplifier.

The ones that I still use are a Revo Mondo Wi-fi Internet Radio Adapter and my Squeezeboxes.


The Revo Mondo Wi-fi Internet Radio Adapter (above) is plugged in to my Hi-Fi in the office and I often use it to listen to BBC 6 Music. I also have a Squeezebox Classic plugged in to the same Hi-Fi but for some reason I use that predominantly for streaming my own music and not for Radio even though it is more than capable.